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South Florida's industry leader of Commercial Crab and Lobster Cookers for 25 years.  We manufacture Boilers and Accessories and supply them to some of the finest restaurants and fisheries in Central, South and North America.  Our commercial Cookers are ideal for cooking Stone Crab, Florida and Maine Lobster, Crawfish and we are also in the process of designing a Cooker for Blue Crab!  Using our Cookers allows you to speed up your cooking production from 50 - 500 pounds per basket!

At Crab and Lobster Cookers, our goal is to provide the best service, with industry-leading products to ensure total customer satisfaction.  Proudly servicing the Southwest Florida area with on-site repairs. 

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, please email us or call (239) 776-0233.




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